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Monday, June 10, 2013

!! WARNING !! is a scam website

Guobing Wang is a professional internet thief from China who creates websites, primarily offering cigarettes, for the purpose of  duping people into sending him money for cigarette orders that he has no intention of filling. He has recently had to change the name of his cigarette website, which he now calls Previous names of his scam websites were,, and 

I ordered a carton of Gauloises Caporals from on May 15, 2013 for $26.50. I was instructed to send money by Western Union wire transfer to a Zhen Huo in China to pay for this order. I sent that money on May 23, 2013, and it was picked up by the recipient on May 24, 2013. I have yet to receive the cigarettes I ordered, nor have I received a refund despite asking numerous times.

A month after placing the order, I attempted to contact to find out where my order was. I sent several replies to the order email I was sent when I placed the order, a few emails through their contact form at the website, and an email to the president of the company, Guobing Wang, whose email address is published on the website, but every one of those have been ignored by the thieves. I was bilked out of the $26.50 payment for the order plus the $5.00 it cost me to send the money by Western Union, a total of $31.50.

When I realized / / / was just scamming people out of their cash, I reported the scam to both Western Union, the Federal Trade Commission, and my state's attorney general's office. I also sent an email to the abuse department ( of their website host,, informing them that is a fraudulent operation that is stealing money from consumers by promising to send product in exchange for funds sent to them by Western Union. They ultimately told me they would not shut Wang's website down without a court order.

Western Union advised me that anyone who has been ripped off by these thieves should fax a letter to Western Union's fraud department detailing the particulars of the theft at (888) 295-2975, including the recipient's name. When Western Union receives this, they will stop any money from going to the thief who is picking up the money. Western Union also said that anyone who has been ripped off by / / / should file a complaint with their local police department AND your state's attorney general.

There are many reviews and complaints on the internet made by those who have been duped by the thieves at / / / Some of those you can see here at the LINKS TO OTHER VICTIMS tab above. I would encourage anyone who has had their money stolen by Wang to fill out a complaint at one of those websites so the extent of / / thievery is documented on the internet to help warn other potential victims.

Do not trust / / /, and for goodness sake, DO NOT send them any money unless you want to be ripped off. The reason they have you send them the money by Western Union is because once they get their hands on your cash, there is no way you can get it back unless they decide to give it back to you, and that's not going to happen. If you send them money, I guarantee you, 100%, you will never see the cigarettes you ordered, nor will you ever see your money again. The only way the thieves at / / / can scam you out of your cash is if you let them.

Other fraudulent websites Wang owns and operates in addition to are,,,, and

It appears the only way to stop these thieves is to warn others about them so that no one sends any money to them. If you have been taken by these crooks, the least you should do is to file a complaint with a website on the internet, such as SCAMWARNERS or SCAMBOOK, so that anyone researching Wang's fake websites can see that they are ripping off a lot of people; the greater the number of reports the better.

The following is a copy of the order I placed on the crooks' website.

This is a copy of the order confirmation email they sent me:

This is a copy of the email Western Union sent me on 5/24/13 to verify that the money I sent to pay for the cigarettes was, in fact, picked up by Huo: promises cheap cigarettes online, but all you get is the shaft after you send them money.,, or any other website run by Guobing Wang are ripoffs.